Safe Travel In Risky Environments Seminar (STRES)

The Safe Travel in Risky Environments Seminar is a great way to learn how to plan, prepare, and go, anywhere in the world and in an aware manner. This course will take you through travel threat identification, mitigation, and response (when necessary).

The seminar for faith based organizations is broken down into two parts.


Part one is an online webinar that we offer throughout the year. This is an 8 hour course on planning to avoid crisis while traveling to risky locations. It can be taken as a stand alone course as well as a prerequisite for part two of the seminar. 

Part two is delivered in person at our sites in California and South Carolina. We offer this portion of the seminar twice a year at each of our sites. Both sites are equipped with lodging and catered meals. 

Part one (the online portion) is required to attend part two of the seminar. 

Seminar Schedule


Day One

  • 0800: What is Travel Risk Management

  • 0900: Managing Risky Travel

  • 1030: Integrating Risk Management into Planning

  • 1200: Break

  • 1300: Tracking Travelers and Accountability

  • 1400: Crisis Avoidance and Management

  • 1530: Planning Exercise


Day Two

  • 0800: Mission Bottlenecks

    • Gov Checkpoints

    • Illegal Checkpoints

    • Customs Entry/Exit

    • Safe Transit

    • Anti-Targeting

    • Anti-surveillance

    • Information security

  • 1200: Break

  • 1300: Practical Exercises

    • Checkpoint reaction 

    • Carjacking 

    • Navigating Customs 

    • Kidnapping/Extortion Scenario

Day Three

0800: Brief Trainers on plan (plan must hit classroom objectives from day one)

1030: Attendees arrive at range objective

1300: End Exercise

1400: After Action 

1600: Graduation

South Carolina Facility (Winter/Spring)