Customer Service Statement

When I started in this industry, almost fifteen years ago, I was working pro bono with nonprofits in order to help them attain a certain level of proficiency and operate in risky environments safely. I was constantly looking for mentors in protective security. I needed direction regarding security operations in business, having spent sixteen years in military service, as an Army Commander and in Operations and Intelligence.


As my business began to grow, I discovered a serious lack of operations management expertise, customer service focus and general business acumen in the protective security industry. On top of operational inefficiency, well established security companies typically sub-contract to local security vendors (understandably so), creating another layer of inefficient operations with little to no evaluation or oversight of the vendors.


Out of necessity, as bootstrapped companies often must, I was forced to research and develop my own efficient processes and key performance indicators. By the time I retained my first nine figure client, I had been developing databases for customer relationship management, customer intake, travel booking, operations management, traveler tracking, quality control, vendor evaluation and more. Morton Security was able to pass significant cost savings on to our customers and at the same time, exceed industry standards. 


My main goal for Morton Security is to provide efficient operations management for our customers and that is the difference between us and everyone else. With more efficiency comes the automatic fulfillment of customer safety and excellent service. When efficiency is achieved, customers are happy, physically safe, retain more of their wealth and make productive use of their time.


Ultimately, my career goal is to change the protective security industry by providing efficient processes and standards, that not only consider the customers safety, but promote that customers' ability to be profitable in their endeavors as well. I want my employees and contractors to be like Alfred was for Batman. Not only could he be an executive assistant, butler, mentor and confidant to Bruce Wayne, but he was also an operations manager, investigator and intelligence collector for Batman (sorry to oversimplify the complex, but I love Batman). That is the level of service we currently provide and will continue to into the future. 

Peter L Morton

Founder & CEO