Safe Travel in Risky Environments Seminar

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

We are very happy to be offering this training to faith based organization for free. This is the eighth year we have offered this training, and we have seen our efforts to facilitate faith based organizations safe global operations pay off time and time again. We have trained thousands of missionaries, humanitarians, and business people on how to approach crisis avoidance in foreign locations. This has resulted in lives saved and continuous, efficient operations for many organizations all over the world.  

Recently we began to offer this training for free (sponsored by Morton Security's CEO Pete Morton) to those who could not afford the hefty price tag that accompanies this type of hands on training. There are a lot of moving pieces and we do not use shortcuts or unqualified trainers. The overhead is high. 

We have numerous qualified instructors from the military, law enforcement and commercial sectors that gladly volunteer their time to provide training. They all have a heart for the great commission, just like our attendees. This is their way of fulfilling a calling. 

Seminar Content and Goals

July 31
0800 Orientation
0900 What is Travel Risk Management
1030 Measuring Travel Risk
1200 Lunch (Flexible)
1300 Integrating Risk Management into Planning
1400 Tracking Travel and Accountability
1500 Crisis Avoidance and Management
1700 Day 1 Complete

August 1
0800 Navigating Mission Bottlenecks (Kidnapping, Checkpoints, Country Entry/Exit, Crime)
1230 Lunch (Flexible)
1330 Practical Exercise
1700 Day 2 Complete

August 2
0800 Final Practical Exercise Briefing
0900 Preparation for Final Practical Exercise
1000 Final Practical Exercise
1330 Class Debrief
1500 Graduation
1530 Day 3 Complete

Who should attend?

The training is tailored to the following people; 

  • Short term mission leaders

  • Long term missionaries (and their families) 

  • Christian relief organization members that operate in hostile regions

  • Pastors of churches that send people to hostile environments

  • Church administrators (operations, insurance, human resources, public affairs).

Excellent Location

The Lodge Christian Retreat Center has been gracious enough to host this training in the past. Its not a reach to say it is the perfect location. Located in the Sierra Nevada's in California, it is secluded and the perfect place to relax after a tough day of training. There is a chapel nearby as well as Zoe Coffee House, a great place to relax and have a meal. 

Rooms are available for those traveling from outside the area (lodging is paid by the attendee). Rates are reasonable given the level of service and beautiful rooms offered. The Lodge offers the best lodging in the area, even putting most of the local hotels to shame. 

Travelers using The Lodge for housing during the training should reach out directly to Ashley at office@miwuklodge.com and reference STRES and Morton Security. 

Next Steps

If you feel you need this training, and can make it to the location in July/August, sign up here. We offer this training for free, but also request that organizations that can afford to, provide a donation (not tax deductible) to cover costs or provide sponsorship for the next training. Either way, we will not turn you away if you need this training. We want to make sure you are prepared. 

Please sign up by the end of June 2020 as we will be closing class enrollment at that point. If you have questions, please email info@mortonsecure.com.