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The Cost of Response


  • Protective equipment: Cost increased 1000% after Covid 19.

  • Increased pay for essential workers: 10- 15% pay increase, overtime, greater potential for exposure and medical cost. 

  • Work from home accommodations: Increased from 3.7% to 56% during the Covid 19 crisis. 

  • Cancelled travel: International travel decreased 97% globally. 

  • Unemployment: 400 million jobs lost, causing an increase in crime and economic fluctuation. 

  • Border closures: Supply chain disruption without temporary inventory caches cost billions of dollars in lost revenue. 

  • Employee loss: 84.6 million cases of illness globally resulting in hours lost and an increase in medical expenses. 

The information needed to plan for crisis on this scale, while considering continued growth is available. You just have to know where to find it. Morton Executive Decisions subject matter experts and consultants can help and save your organization millions of dollars. 

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Crisis Avoidance


  • Global Crisis Assessment and Planning.

  • Workplace Incident Prevention and Management.

  • Protective and Physical Security Assessment and Program Implementation. 

  • Crisis Management Team Assessment and Development.

  • Early Warning Program Development and Support.

  • Reputation Risk Analysis and Mitigation. 


Crisis Response and Management

  • Critical Decision Making Support.

  • Crisis Response Support and Consulting.

  • Onsite Protective Security Support and Escort.

  • Global Evacuation Support.

  • Tactical Real-time Reporting.

  • Social Media Monitoring.

  • Behavioral Profiling.

Executive Level Decisions

"Working with Pete and Morton Executive Decisions to support my CEO eases my mind and takes all the burden of secure travel away from me. Once I hand over the details of our needs, they take very good care of my executives and provide the most excellent service no matter what is requested." 

Cost Savings - 1.2 MM