Tactical Support

It's important to plan at all levels in order to avoid catastrophe. Sometimes it's either impossible to see a crisis coming or you don't have the proper resources for response. That's where we come in. Morton can provide you with the tools you need to avoid and react to crisis when you have to, and without delay. 

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Strategic Support

Making decisions on how to move forward with an objective is where most crisis situations start. The majority of catastrophes are avoidable, if you know what data to examine and what mitigation to implement. You don't have to miss the mark or cancel a project, you just need to find the right path to success. 

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  • Crisis Management.

  • Workplace Incident Management.

  • Protective and Physical Security. 

  • Team Assessment and Development.

  • Early Warning Program.

  • Reputation Risk. 



  • Critical Decision Making.

  • Crisis Response.

  • Onsite Protective Security and Escort.

  • Global Evacuation Support.

  • Tactical Real-time Reporting.

  • Social Media Monitoring.

  • Dark Web Monitoring.

  • Behavioral Profiling.

Business Meeting


  • Lessons Learned.

  • Change Management.

  • Debriefing.

  • Legal Support.

  • Personnel Assessment/Recruitment.