Recruit Qualified Security Professionals

There are recruiting firms all over the world that specialize in identifying qualified workers for numerous industries. Typically, protective security is not one of those industries. Morton Security has the expertise to identify professionals that are highly qualified and fit into your business goals and needs. 


Security professionals must be trained and have the experience to mitigate risk to employee life safety as well as promote the growth of your organization. Its difficult to find professionals who have experience in multiple security disciplines, that are often bound to different rules, depending on your organization location and niche. 

We understand all aspects of protective security and know what questions to ask. We take the time to get to know you first and then search our extensive network for the right fit. All of our full time professionals are background checked and bonafides verified, before they go into our database. 


Protective Security is a niche market and its difficult to find the right person for a very difficult. Lucky for you, he market is small and so is the network of qualified protection agents. 

We give you access to our database of highly qualified professionals, allowing you to search for the best. All of our freelance professionals maintain a separate business as well as liability insurance and required licenses. 

The life-safety of you and your employees must not be left in the hands of someone who "might" be qualified. Let us take the guesswork out of your decision making process. 

Part-time or Temporary

Event and emergency security positions can often be the hardest to fill. Your trying to find someone that can jump into a position on a moments notice and your hoping that individual is not unemployed because they were let go.

Don't feel like you need to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Our network only allows verified and qualified people that are legally allowed to provide security services. 

Often our temporary professionals are current Law Enforcement Officer that want an additional revenue stream to supplement their full time job. We provide that for them, giving you a pool of highly qualified professionals that also have arrest powers.