The DP Dashboard (Happy New Year)

We want to make things a bit easier for you when it comes to parsing news stories and current events. The DP Dashboard is a secure (HTTPS, run by Morton Executive Decisions), narrowly focused, incident reporting database and visualizer.

Visualize where incidents are happening all over the world on the IR Map. Research the timeline of an incident and verify sources. There are four categories being covered currently. More will be added in the future.

As an incident is unfolding, we will do our best to add it here, but don't let our tardiness stop you. You can add an incident as well if you like. We will parse the data and "clean it up" once daily as this is a free tool, maintained by Morton Executive Decisions.

This is just another way we are making it easier for you to find the news that is relevant to you and also information not being reported on. Please give us your feedback in the comments below and as always, tell your friends. Happy New Year.

DP Dashboard Link (Still beta testing as well as adding data. The database will of course grow as time goes on).

All information input into the DP Dashboard is subject to verification and editing. Only events that are high profile and relevant to the group will be collected and entered into the dashboard.

If you have a particular location you want us to start to monitor for incidents, please DM Pete in Slack or Patreon.

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