I know more about my Uber driver than my Protective Security!

Yes, a client actually said that (the title). More than one to be honest. They were referencing their inability to get information on a driver or security personnel before contracting services through one of the larger security companies.

"I just felt really unsure, unsafe, and out of control"!

Of course the last thing you want a client to feel is insecure in their security team. This is unfortunately a common theme, especially among employees using a service they have no control over. Customer surveys reveal that employees of companies who use contracted secure transportation services, would rather use an app based driver service and even felt safer doing so. The main reason was because they could see who was picking them up, along with service ratings from other customers. They also felt "in control" over the choice of who was protecting them.

Most protective security firms subcontract protective security to local vendors, who often do not know who will be available for a security detail until the day of that detail. The client is left wondering who will pick them up at the airport and often, miss the email that was sent with details on their contracted security personnel. They often have no access to data or internet, or are in flight without connectivity.

Security planning should not be rushed, but it often is. Its calling a vendor at the last minute and telling them you have an employee in flight that needs to be picked up in a few hours. Emails go back and forth, clogging communications channels and syphoning valuable operations resources (from both the vendor and client). Employees land and are left searching for their driver because they have no idea the pickup sign is a codeword instead of their name. Their phone does not work at their destination as planned and they do not speak the local language. They finally give up looking for their driver, get an unlicensed taxi and cause panic among operations managers back home. This happens often and both the employees management and the vendor share the blame (regardless of who is at fault).

Morton Security has been developing and testing a proprietary system (official launch in April 2020) for the past few years that provides clients with a level of transparency that is unheard of in the industry. Taking their cues from Uber's extremely successful business model, MS Travel was created. MS Travel is an app based service that connects Morton's clients with the end protective security supplier.

The client has the ability to view the suppliers profile before contracting services. Included in the profile are the suppliers areas of expertise, a background check and bio information like languages, certificates, degrees, and even a current resume. There is also a rating system where clients can review what other clients say about the security supplier. Instead of relying on a contracted security company to choose who is best suited to protect a client's (or their employees) life, the client is intimately involved in that decision.......as they should be. The process from order to invoice is completely managed through the app, and offers individual employees the ability to pay with a company card upon completion of service.

MS Travel also gives suppliers access to operations management services and quality control systems that they would not normally have access to. Most end suppliers of protective security are freelance operators that contract to multiple companies around the world. Often they operate without support, which is never good. MS Travel provides them with standard operating procedures, advance templates, communications standards and response capabilities.

MS Travel also covers areas of corporate responsibility and compliance that many companies overlook or exploit. There are standards built into the system pertaining to currency transactions, fair wages, customer and supplier vetting, and information security. Morton typically does not subcontract out to suppliers, but links them with clients and charges a set percentage for use of the platform and services. All of Morton's suppliers are able to choose who they work for, when they work, and Morton Security does not require non-compete clauses in their master service agreements.

Customer service is Morton's main focus and they believe by providing excellent customer service, growth will continue at a rapid rate. If a supplier is able to contract directly with one of their clients, Morton Security is always happy. They know that a successful connection will result in more clients and suppliers. They also believe (as do their clients) the service platform provides efficient operations management tools that are second to none. Most of their clients and suppliers stick with them, even after they have worked together for a while.

For more information on this new and innovative security management application, please contact Morton Security at info@mortonsecure.com or go to www.mortonsecure.com/protection. They are more than happy to schedule a demo or answer any questions.

For suppliers, interested in onboarding into MS Travel, please go to this page and read through the information before applying.