MitStrat Aware


  • Alerts 

  • Up to 3 assets updated every 24 hours 
  • Ala carte Analyst Hours 


For qualified non-profits only

MitStrat Alert


  • Alerts 

  • Up to 10 assets updated every 12 hours 

  • 10 hours of analysis per month 

  • Live briefings

MitStrat Analysis


  • Alerts 

  • Up to 15 assets updated in real time
  • 15 hours of analysis per month

  • Live briefings


  • Alerts 

  • Up to 20 assets updated in real time

  • 20 hours of analysis per month 

  • Live briefings

  • Response capabilities

  • Check in capability

MitStrat Response

Tailored platform development and maintenance

Access to response, evacuation, security assets, and geolocation.

Unlimited analyst hours

Alerts on all company assets updated real time

MitStrat Enterprise

Analyst Hours: 

All subscriptions include access to highly qualified analysts that can identify threats and vulnerabilities specific to your organizations operations and simplify the data into easily understood intelligence. We are not trying to sell you an online platform, but access to professional analysts through a streamlined data management system. This ensures we maintain a repository of events and intelligence specific to your organization and provide critical decision making information rapidly. 

Asset Tracking: 

Assets are people, property, items, and even data. Your subscription provides you with numerous options depending on your company size and reach. Our analysts are only focused on your assets and operations. This narrows our scope and cuts down on cost and noise. Just upload a site location, a traveling employee, a supply chain route, or anything else you consider an asset. If it is somewhere on the planet, we will develop indicators to look for and send you alerts when an event is going to disrupt or is disrupting your operations or employee safety. 

Live Briefings: 

You are paying for access to professional security experts and intelligence analysts. We want you to be able to ask questions and ensure the critical decision making information is not lost in translation. Part of your analyst hours allotment is the ability to schedule briefings via Zoom or Meetings with the analyst that prepared your reports. 

Response Capabilities:

For those using our MitStrat Response and Enterprise subscriptions, you will have access to local security assets (at subcontracted rates) for emergency situations or special events and visits. Once you upload an asset, our analyst immediately start the search for assets that we can call on in a hurry. We have an enormous network of qualified and vetted partners already, but if we do not have access at the location you are operating in, we will develop relationships that you can use to ensure your employees safety. 

Tailored Platform Development:

Using a third party platform to manage unique and complex operations can be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Let one of our developers create a solution that works for your organization. We will build your dashboard and ensure maintenance for as long as you like. We can always had off the product to you when its complete and check in if you need us.