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Crisis Mitigation Strategy

We reduce the noise so you can hear what's relevant to you!

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Inefficient Mitigation - Alert Systems
  • Reactive

  • Wide Scope

  • Generic Recommendations

  • Information without Analysis

  • Irrelevant Big Data

Efficient Mitigation - MitStrat
  • Predictive

  • Specific Questions Answered

  • Intelligence tied to Decision Points

  • Actionable Intelligence

  • Concise and Relevant Indicators

Analysis Method

  • Customer Goal Clarification and Collection Plan 

  • Information Analysis and Decision Point Assimilation 

  • Predictive Intelligence and Dissemination 

  • Lessons Learned and Customer Feedback 

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The Platform

  • Site Risk Management

  • Travel Risk Management

  • Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Site Assessments

  • Crisis Event Analysis

  • Insider Threat Analysis

  • Controlled Employee Alert

  • Analysis with Recommendations

  • Vendor Vetting and Monitoring