Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between MitStrat and other alert systems?

MitStrat is an online platform used to provide customers the ability to receive alerts regarding their specific assets and personnel, as well as the predictive analysis necessary to make decisions regarding operations and employee safety. MitStrat gives the customer the why of a situation and recommendations to avoid crisis situations.

How do your analysts predict future events?

MitStrat analyst come from numerous intelligence and security disciplines. They are experts at researching and identifying threats, analyzing historical data, and recommending mitigating factors. MitStrat analysis methodology consists of the following steps:

  • Customer Goal Clarification and Collection Plan
  • Information Analysis and Decision Point Assimilation
  • Predictive Intelligence and Dissemination
  • Lessons Learned and Customer Feedback
Intelligence is not information by itself. It is information tied to indicators and decision points that help managers and leaders make informed decisions. MitStrat analyst look at historical events, current situations, and the decisions the customer needs to make. They then make recommendations based on the information, taking the guesswork out of the customers decision making process.

How many hours do analysts typically spend creating a report?

Every situation is different. The customer is offered the ability to ask questions when they submit a report. These questions are referred to as Requests for Information or RFI's. The customer is not limited on how many RFI's they can submit in a report request and therefore, each report will vary in hours of labor used. Hours are tracked in hour increments. There are also numerous types of reports. MitStrat offers the following reports;

  • Site Risk Assessment – this report is specific to a company's current or future piece of real estate. These reports typically focus on criminal activity in and around a site. They can also be used to identify other threats to the site like weather effects on distribution, protests by labor organizations, and mass casualty producing events.
  • Insider Threat Assessment - this report is focused on threats within the organization (including vendors or third party threats). Typically online threats or threats made against employees by current or former employees are investigated and analyzed.
  • Travel Safety Report – a travel report covers numerous topics all focused on traveler safety. Topics covered in this report include heath threats, transportation safety, criminal tactics, terrorism, and political events that might affect the travelers safety and successful conclusion of their mission.
  • Event Threat Assessment – this assessment is created around a specific event, either identified by MitStrat analyst's or through the customers internal resources. Analyst research the event and deep dive the situation to give customers clear understanding of how the event might affect operations or employee safety.
  • POI Risk Assessment – this assessment is typically focused on Supply Chain disruption. The customer can upload Points of Interest (POI's) within their supply chain for MitStrat analyst to track. If an event is identified that might disrupt the supply chain, analyst will send an alert to the customer with the option to deep dive the disruption and how to mitigate it.
  • Bespoke Reports – MitStrat is not an analysis platform. It is a platform our analyst use to streamline receipt and dissemination of information to customers. MitStrat analysts can produce many types of reports, including those specific to your operations.
All reports come with recommendations to avoid a crisis and continue with efficient operations.

How do I sign up for MitStrat?

MitStrat is not available to everyone. Morton Executive Decisions takes legal compliance very seriously and vets all customers to ensure they fall within the company's risk model. To sign up, email and a company representative will set you up with a demonstration and then onboard your company.

How much does access to MitStrat cost?

There are four subscription levels with preset costs (USD). MitStrat Aware (for qualified non-profit organizations only):

  • Alerts
  • Up to 3 assets updated every 24 hours
  • Analyst hours ala carte (180.00 hourly)
  • 62.50 Monthly 750.00 Annual
MitStrat Alert:
  • Alerts
  • Up to 10 assets updated every 12 hours
  • 10 hours of analysis per month
  • Live briefings
  • 1820.00 per month 21,840.00 Annual
MitStrat Analysis:
  • Alerts
  • Up to 20 assets updated real time
  • 20 hours of analysis per month
  • Live briefings
  • 3105.00 per month 37,260.00 Annual
MitStrat Response:
  • Alerts
  • Up to 20 assets updated real time
  • 20 hours of analysis per month
  • Live briefings
  • Response Capabilities
  • 4520.00 per month 54,240.00 Annual
We also recommend organizations use our MitStrat Enterprise subscription, which is based on the customers estimated use. Enterprise subscriptions can be tailored in many way and include the services listed in the MitStrat Response plan.

Is MitStrat a mobile application?

Unfortunately No. MitStrat is a web app. However, it is mobile friendly and can be accessed just as easily as a mobile application. Currently there is not a demand for the platform to be mobile. It also keeps the platform off of the radar of those looking to exploit the information and services Morton Executive Decisions offers. MitStrat is currently in the first version stage of the build. It will develop as demand requires.

Do you provide a guarantee along with the information your provide?

Intelligence analysis is not an exact science. It is impossible to predict future events with one hundred percent certainty. However, MitStrat analysts pride themselves on being right a lot. The platform gives the customer with the ability to provide feedback as part of the analysis methodology. We learn from every report we write, always striving to be as accurate as possible. The customer also has access to historic reporting and lessons learned as long as they have access to the platform.

Do you provide protective security for executives?

Yes. Morton Executive Decisions has an extensive network of providers globally as the company started out providing executive protection back in 2012. However, the first line of defense is providing customers with enough information to avoid crisis situations or threats. If there is no possible way to mitigate the risk down to an acceptable level, MitStrat analyst will recommend mitigating services, vetted by Morton Executive Decision protective security professionals. Customers can order services directly from MitStrat and MitStrat analyst immediately begin vetting vendors surrounding the assets added to MitStrat by customers.

What is MitStrat?

How do I set my pasword for a new account?

What sources do you collect data from?

Where do you operate? How do you operate? What are your goals and missions? It makes no sense for us to start collecting everywhere and on everything when it might not be relevant to your operational efficiency and employee safety.

We start our collection plan based on your assets. Your sites determine what sources we look at for Site Risk Management. Your travel itinerary will dictate when and where we start collecting for Travel Risk Management. Your suppliers and how they supply you will determine what sources we look at for Supply Chain Risk Management.

Everything is tailored to your efficient operations and employee safety.

What is the SRM Tab for?

The SRM or Site Risk Management tab is where you can upload sites that you want us to track, and view events that are taking place near the sites. You can also connect your employees to those sites so you know who is at them and send them alerts if you feel it is necessary. Just add employees and managers through the employees tab and then connect them to the site(s) they work at or visit frequently.

What is the TRM tab for?

The TRM or Travel Risk Management Tab is where you upload your travel itineraries. This platform is not connected to third party API's currently due to security integrity. We want to make sure your information stays with us. So the only information contained in MitStrat is what you upload. Under the TRM tab, you can upload itineraries, connect employees with trips as well as the sites they are visiting, and even order security assets if you feel they are necessary. You can also see any events that have been identified a potential threats to that trip or your employees. Again, we only add what is relevant to your efficient operations and employee safety. Employees only receive alerts and reports sent to them from you.

What is the SCRM Tab for?

The SCRM or Supply Chain Risk Management tab is where you can upload your Supply Chain Network. If you have a vendor you want to keep an eye on or know more about, add them here. If you are concerned about routes, or storage sites, you can add that here as well. If our analyst identify an issue or threat to your supply chain, we will send out an alert and connect it to your Supply Chain Network. This is also a great tool for vetting vendors or suppliers. We measure many kinds of risk. Included in the collection on your uploaded supply chain network assets is financial risk, know your customer, anti-money laundering, fraudulent activity, business lifecycle, entity vetting, company sturcture, and more. Its all dependent on the location of the company as well as your needs.

What is an Event?

The events tab is an aggregate of all the events affecting your assets. We only add events to this feed that are relevant to your operational efficiency and employee safety. You can view more details on an event, send out an alert to your employees, or request a report with more details on the event. Events only appear in the feed for 30 days, unless we are tracking an ongoing or long term situation. You can upload events as well. Your people at the site might be in a better position to see what's happening first hand. You can always search for past events if you are interested in using the information for your own lessons learned and future operations.

How do I order a report?

The reports tab is where you order and view reports. It's fairly simple, but all of our reports are tailored to your operations and laser focused on the information you need to make decisions. No white noise. We ask you a few questions that ensure we are answering your request accurately and giving you the information you need to make decisions. All reports can be accessed at any time by anyone with a management account and reports can be sent to employees and other managers as well.

What kind of security does your platform have?

  • Encrypted in transit
  • Encrypted at rest
  • Bank level encryption with SHA-256 and AES-256
  • Backup up in multiple locations with multiple copies as well as offline backups.
  • Industry leader Amazon Web Services power our database.
  • AWS Compliance Programs
  • SOC 3 and ISO 27001 Certified
  • Built in Redundancy
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Firewalls protect every virtual server, database, and load balancer to ensure authorized access.