Ultimate Customer Service and Transparency

Order Services

Submit basic information about your trip and narrow down your choice of qualified protection agents and services.

Add Details

Travelers and Managers can add and share detailed itineraries or appointments simply, on a mobile or other device.

You Choose

Search Morton Security's data base of vetted and qualified protection agents and choose who you think would best suit your needs.

Check In

Travelers and protection agents can check in with a designated trip manager. The location, time and selected message are sent to the trip manager.


Confirm estimates, sign contracts and access service provider information online and immediately.

Pay Online

All services can be paid online through our streamlined process. You choose who pays and how.  

the Journey 

What if you could choose, vet, connect with and even manage contracted security vendors online? MS Travel provides just that and more. Your journey from request to payment can be done in a few steps, online, giving you complete control over who you use and what fits your mission and budget.

the network

MS Travel connects operations planners, protection agents, trip managers and travelers all on one simple platform, designed to mitigate travel risk at the individual and company level.

professional partners

In such a small niche of professionals, it's often difficult to stand out, let alone explain the value of what you do. Morton Security has a reputation of hiring only the best and providing our partners with fair pay and flexible policy. 

travel insurance

Crisis avoidance is the key to a successful trip, but you cannot avoid everything. Sometimes disaster strikes and and without resources, can ruin your trip. Find the right travel insurance policy for you, specifically for the activities you will conduct and locations you will visit. .